Bet Basketball Money lines - NBA Playoffs moneyline betting

when betting the NBA is the money line. It is based on just having the team win the game. No point
spread is involved. An example would look like this. New York at Cleveland. Cavaliers are -5 with a total of 183. Cleveland is -210 on the money line while New York is +180. So if you like Cleveland  on the money line you are risking 210 to win 100. If you like the Knicks, you are risking 100 to win 180. The moneyline is not as heavily bet in the NBA but is something you may want to add to your betting menu when you see a good opportunity.

The -165 means you must risk $165 to win $100 on the Pistons while the +145 means you get back $145 for each $100 risked should the Pistons win outright. Any -number means that is the risk to win $100 and any +number is the payoff for risking $100. It is that simple. In the event of a tie, all moneyline wagers are settled as a Push and monies are refunded. The difference between the two lines typically starts at 20 "cents" in basketball and gets larger as the numbers get higher. For example, if the favorite is -240, the dog may be +200, a difference of 40 "cents". The higher difference at higher numbers simply serves to keep the percentage of vig for the house roughly the same.

Not every moneyline will present an opportunity, but be sure to compare the moneylines and corresponding spread. Wagering is a game of supply and demand. Going against the public trends will lead to you getting better "prices" on all your plays and you will be more profitable in the long run.

NBA Basketball betting tips

Basketball betting pointers -
don't bet just because you like the name of the team or the color of the teams jersey, keep game stats and look for trends, bet only a small percentage (say 10%) of your wagering capital, and don't chase your losses. Remember both losing and winning streaks all come to an end!

Get to know your teams. This includes player transfers, coaching staff and home & away stats. Keep aware of injuries and evaluate the importance of your teams line up. this means who will start the game and who will come off the bench.

Team Motivation. Be aware of the importance of a game to team members. A team that has already qualified for the final may not be motivated to win the present game. Other teams facing a must-win situation or are wishing to avenge a previous loss may be highly motivated to win.

One of the great things about basketball bets is that there are lots of NBA basketball games and college basketball betting opportunities. Often, teams play three or more games per week, thus giving you a lot of  opportunities to bet on basketball games. Just find the basketball odds that are appealing to you and you are ready to bet online.

Basketball bettors have lots to look forward to this post-season. Every sportbook we offer, has the Spread, Total and Moneyline, as well as First Half and Halftime betting. Don't forget, we have Player and Team Props for every game as well as the widest selection of NBA Futures.

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